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Every business will face both challenges and opportunities in the operation towards expansion and growth. The legal areas of commercial and corporate law are wide and complex. In order to assist our clients it is crucial for us to be able to provide expertise and knowledge in various areas of law. We strive to continuously maintain and improve our experience and knowledge. By keeping updated on news and changes within the legal industry, we are able to provide our clients with innovative and high quality legal advice.

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Our solicitors are specialised in various areas of law, meaning that we are capable of understanding the challenges that our clients meet. We have the expertise to find the optimal solutions for our clients’ unique situations and circumstances. Our fundamental objection is to surpass our clients’ expectations in every way we can. Our experienced solicitors provide exceptional service and place their clients at the forefront of everything they do. We believe that true success is based on team spirit and by building long-term relationships with our clients.

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Common corporate legal issues

A common problem for many businesses is that they fail to choose business structures suitable for their operational needs and goals. Selecting an appropriate structure from the start may make a difference in avoiding unnecessary costs related to changing structures at a later stage. Adopting an inappropriate structure may also open up instances of personal liability if anything were to happen.

There are no “best” or “correct” alternatives when choosing a business structure. However, if the business owner has a clear vision of the purpose and long-term goals of the business it will make the process of choosing a business structure easier.

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It is essential for companies to establish Shareholders’ agreements that regulate the relationships between the shareholders. The agreement should include information about how to act in certain situations, such as if a founder wishes to leave or if the company is to be sold. Having a clear understanding of every shareholder’s responsibilities and liabilities will make it easier to operate the business in the future and is a good way to avoid disputes.

Commercial contracts are crucial for a business to operate in a secure and effective way. Contracts are used for many purposes such as regulating the relationships with customers and suppliers, employees, lessors and shareholders. All contracts should be documented in writing as it is easier to keep track of both the company’s and the counter party’s responsibilities and liabilities. If a dispute would arise it is also good idea to have documented the terms of the contracts.

Many businesses fail to protect their intellectual property and trademarks which can result in other people securing the rights. This may result in a great loss of profit since a company’s intellectual property usually constitutes a large part of the business revenues. It is therefore important to secure the rights at an early stage.

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Litigation may be expensive and could end up costing a business a lot of money. It is therefore important to be careful causing disputes with other people or businesses. However, if a dispute arises it could be a better alternative to attempt to solve the issue by negotiation or mediation. By choosing an alternative dispute resolution corporations may avoid unnecessary costs.

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Kevin, NSW, Commercial Contracts

Citilawyers has helped me by reviewing and drafting various agreements for my business, such as the lease, employment contracts and agreements with customers and suppliers. They have a good eye for details and they always get back to me with informative advise. If anyone is searching for a competent and supportive legal team for their business, they should definitely contact Citilawyers. With them everyone is in good hands.

Julie, NSW, Debt Collection

I always turn to you when I need help with debt collection matters. You consistently deliver good results and your solicitors are all easy to deal with. I like the fact that you’re communicative and mindful of ensuring that all actions are cost effective. Thank you for a nice collaborative relationship.

Maria, NSW, Business Acquisition

Thank you again for your assistance with the purchase of my business. Your expertise and knowledge made the process smooth and easy to understand. I also appreciate the support you’ve given me from start to finish, such excellent service! I will definitely recommend you to anyone needing legal advise.

Tom, NSW, Insolvency law

I have engaged Citilawyers on a significant number of corporate insolvencies. They have managed all of my matters with great professionalism and service. The standard quality of the work done has always been high and their fees are both fair and reasonable.

Phil, NSW, Trade Marks

Thank you for your quick, informative and personal trade mark service. You really took your time to inform me of all my options in filing my trade mark application. You made it easy to understand how the application process works and what the requirements are. If I’ll need any legal advise in the future I will turn to Citilawyers. I will recommend you to others.

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We are a boutique law firm conveniently situated in the heart of Sydney. Our solicitors provide both businesses and individuals with services mainly in the areas of commercial, corporate and insolvency law. Our solicitors always try to top our clients’ expectations by providing excellent service and managing their matters as if they were their own.

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